European Patent Attorney, UK Patent Attorney, BSc Hons (Birmingham), Chartered Physicist

Derek worked for 16 years in the Patent Department of the Ministry of Defence beginning as a trainee patent agent in 1968 and later qualifying in 1980 as a CPA and EPA. He had spells at RSRE Malvern, London Headquarters and RAE Farnborough (RSRE and RAE are now part of QinetiQ). At RSRE and RAE he handled patenting of inventions in various technologies ranging across the fields of electronics, physics, engineering and chemistry. Whilst at RSRE, Derek worked on patenting of many of the UK’s basic liquid crystal inventions. In London, Derek worked on intellectual property rights in defence contracts and international memoranda of understanding.
Derek subsequently worked for Royal Ordnance / BAe where he handled patenting and international licensing of defence technologies and defence contracting IPR. Following that he spent four years as Intellectual Property and Patents Manager at British Nuclear Fuels (4 years) managing patents and agreements work relating to the nuclear fuel cycle (which embraces many aspects of engineering, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering). Next, he worked for six years as Patents and Licensing Manager at English China Clays/Imerys handling in both UK and US patenting, patent infringement analysis and licensing work relating to minerals processing. Most recently Derek spent four years as Senior Patent Attorney with Motorola handling patenting of inventions in various technologies related to telecommunications.
In these various jobs Derek has therefore gained considerable experience of working directly with inventors and other technical staff (in UK and elsewhere in Europe and also in US), advising on all aspects of the patents process particularly the selection of inventions for patenting, preparing original patent drafts in many technologies, processing patent applications internationally, representing clients in person at the European Patent Office, preparing patent infringement analyses, advising on protection and confidentiality of technical information and preparing, reviewing and negotiating licensing and other intellectual property related agreements.