UK Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, European Trade Mark Attorney

Ross holds an honours degree in Electronic Engineering with Optoelectronics. At University, he spent his second year at a French "Grande Ecole", known as the ENSTBr (postgraduate school for telecommunications). Thereafter, he spent some time working in Paris writing routing software for a company involved in a European telecommunications project.
Ross has practiced in the intellectual property departments of Motorola and Siemens. There, he was exposed to a broad range of technologies, including: Semiconductor devices and processing techniques, digital signal processing, cryptography, Fourier optics, parallel processing, and cellular telecommunications (GSM, 2.5G and 3G). In the past, Ross has also spent a considerable amount of time prosecuting patent applications in the field of liquid crystal displays.

The Present
Ross is a Director of the firm. He has written numerous articles on intellectual property and has also talked about various current topics at conferences both domestically and overseas. Ross’ practice involves a large amount of original patent drafting, and European Patent Office Oppositions.

Technical Snapshot*

  • Semiconductor Processing Techniques / Integrated Circuits
  • Optoelectronic Devices and Packages
  • Liquid Crystal Displays (Manufacture, Structure and Driving)
  • Geophysics
  • Borehole apparatus
  • Bioinformatics (Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Thermocyclers, On-chip Assay Systems, Microfluidic Devices, Electronic Noses)
  • RF Communications Systems, including Cellular Telecommunications Systems
  • Channel Estimation Techniques
  • Signalling for Telecommunication Networks
  • Web-Based Content Delivery Systems
  • Multimedia Messaging Service technology
  • Test equipment for Telecommunications Applications
  • On-Line Dealing Systems for Trading Options Contracts
  • Computer Networks, including the Internet Protocol
  • Neural Networks
  • Machine Language Translation

* We do not represent clients in all the technical areas shown above. Many are listed as a result of past experience, e.g. though previous employment.

Legal Snapshot

  • Original Patent Drafting
  • Patent Prosecution
  • European Patent Office Oppositions
  • Opinions as to Patentability of Business Methods
  • UK High Court Litigation
  • Due Diligences
  • Multi-jurisdictional Transaction Recordal