Who are we?

The business
We are a boutique firm specialising in the technical field of hardware-software engineering and the science that underpins it. That’s our technical specialisation. As patent attorneys, there’s a legal aspect to our work. For us, that’s preparing, obtaining and contesting patents worldwide. We also advise on other areas of intellectual property, like trademarks, designs, copyright and licensing where some of us have experience in those areas as these are services that our clients sometimes need. We also have a network to draw upon when we feel we need additional skills to help solve a problem for a client.

What gets us up in the morning?
Driven by our enthusiasm for the subject matter and enjoyment of the work, we strive to give the best possible service to our clients. We are always interested to learn what our clients think of us and we ask our clients for candid feedback. We take this aspect seriously, because if we don’t know how we’re performing in the eyes of our clients, we cannot improve our service. Our website also has a client feedback section for this purpose.

We are privileged in our profession, because we get to see cutting edge technology before most people. Our “inner geeks” are satisfied by having to learn how the cool tech works. Sometimes you might think your tech is not that cool, but then we never fail to be interested in how are clients’ innovations are so widespread and/or important to people’s lives without them knowing. In short, there’s very little we find boring – everything is interesting in its own way!

Our clients
We work for a diverse base of clients, ranging from start-up companies through to leading blue-chip companies in a wide range of industries. We are an inclusive firm. By this, we mean that we place a great deal of weight on building relationships with our clients that result in mutual trust. We don’t just work on a case-oriented basis; we invest our own time in building proper relationships with our clients so that we can better understand their businesses. It is through building good, lasting, relationships that we believe that we can further the interests of our clients to the best of our abilities. Our business is one that has largely been built on recommendations.

Broad reach
We have people everywhere! We wouldn’t be the boutique firm that we claim to be if we had offices in every major city of the world, but we do have a broad and well-established network of contacts with many years of experience that we can call upon wherever and whenever our clients need help.

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a good law firm: just good lawyers. That’s why our contacts are so important to us.

We hope our website answers all of your questions, but if there’s anything more you need to know or are just curious about, please feel free to drop us a line. Likewise, if you think there’s anything we could do differently on our website, we’d really appreciate your thoughts. It’s all about doing it as well as possible…